Do You Want To Write For Project Victories?

Hi, this is Bill Volpe and thank you for your interest in writing for the Project Victories blog.

If you are a talented writer, have passion for business, marketing, project management, and the Internet, then I’d love to have you contribute to our community.


What Is In It For You?

In exchange for your contribution, you will enjoy exposure to the thousands of daily readers who visit this site and an opportunity to promote your own website, blog, twitter, facebook, and email newsletter opt-in. In some situations you may also be remunerated with payment when your efforts directly impact the financial success of this site.

Your primary motivation for writing for Project Victories should be to contribute back to the community and help your fellow business professionals. If that resonates with you and you’re prepared to put the work in without asking for anything in return beyond kudos from the community, please apply.

Here are the details:


What Is Required Of You?

  • You can write at least one article per week and are committed to meet this minimum standard for at least a year.
  • If you can demonstrate this commitment over a trial month, you may qualify for columnist status, which includes a dedicated profile for your work on this site, opportunities to promote your own websites, products and services, and possibly financial remuneration.
  • Your articles must be a minimum of 500 words for standard articles, 2,000 words for product reviews.
  • Video and audio contributions will be considered if your work is of a high standard.
  • All content published on Project Victories is unique and created by you, and only made available on this site. You cannot republish it online elsewhere.



  • You have successfully built (and continue to build) an online (and/or offline) business or project related to Entrepreneurship, Internet, Marketing, Selling, Business, Project Management, Blogging or Personal Development.
  • From this project, these projects, or other offline business activities you have earned (and are earning) a full time income (or equivalent).

These two criteria in addition to writing skills, experience, and commitment are important as these will give you the ability to share, connect, teach, and grow on a weekly basis with the Project Victories’ online community.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept one-off guest posts. We are seeking dedicated weekly columnists.


Writing Positions Available

At the moment I’m looking for people to fill two different writing positions.

Columnist – You Are A Story Teller

Project Victories is dedicated to driving business success through eductaion on the best business practices in use today. It’s about lifestyle – not stress, financial freedom – not greed, and in general helping to make the world a better place by educating others, through educating yourself.

If you’re currently using useful business processes in your career right now and are willing to share the details on a regular basis, you are a solid writer, or you’re good with video or podcasting, the columnist position may just be for you.

I’m looking for people who are serious about spreading the business dream and contributing to the ideals of Project Victories, not just looking for back links and traffic to push your agenda by publishing guest posts now and then.

Reviewer – You Live And Breath Business

Every week I receive review copies for books, ebooks, reports, courses, audios, videos, and other materials designed to teach people how to make money and succeed in business and marketing.

I’d love to review all these materials so we can help people make informed decisions about whether to buy them based on real testing, not just greed driven marketing looking for a commission at the newbies expense, but I can’t do it alone!

I need your help to review these products by studying the resources, putting them into practice, and then writing a solid review of the product and your experience using it.

You will receive free copies of the products and, of course, if you make any money testing the product it’s all yours to keep. If you prove a good and consistent review writer you will be paid either a per review fee, or a split of any affiliate commissions earned from sales made as a result of your reviews.

Please only apply for this position if you absolutely LOVE business, marketing, and project management because you will have to be very active studying lots of information and putting it into practice. You should also have a good general knowledge of the products and personalities that make up the business, marketing, and project management community so you can cross compare products and write with confidence like you know what you are talking about.

Reviews should be substantial – a minimum of 2,000 words, preferably with pictures and case studies of practical testing.


How To Apply

If any of this sounds appealing to you then please get in touch.

What I want to see is samples of your writing or videos or podcasts. I’m after people who match the Project Victories style – down to earth, good story tellers, practical teachers and a from-the-heart authenticity that comes through in your writing.

Send me links to your previous work, I’ll take a look and then let you know if I think you would be a good fit. If so, you begin a trial period by submitting some original work over a period of a month, at least one article per week to demonstrate your consistent high quality output.

If you have any questions, please ask when you apply.

Send your applications to

William H. Volpe III, PMP