group think

Group Think


So, I recently was editing an article to post on our site and it got me to thinking about the concept of Group Think.  On the surface this may sound like something that you want.  However it is not.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the team is in complete alignment and agrees, so check out this post to learn more.   Please remember to Like, Comment, and Share.

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  • Marcel Touzin says:

    Holy damn shit..!!! Have you never heard of management by committee? It sucks. No success no accountabilities. I knew this years ago when I led a team of inventory management people and helped developed a Materials Management approach to manufacturing. It was later that it was integrated into a Production Management theory.

    • William H. Volpe III, PMP says:

      LOL. Yes, it does suck. I have seen it “at work” sort of speak and it is a stupid way to do things. Thanks for being here and contributing. 🙂

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