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Project management is the process of managing a project and a project is a unique, team oriented effort with a finite beginning and a finite end.  A project can be anything from creating a new revenue stream via product development, to reducing expenses via internal systems development, to planning a speaking engagement.  Due to the unique nature of project’s, they are not part of standard business operations, however, they do consume corporate resources.  Resources can include money, time, people, raw materials, facilities, and more.  These resources are known as the triple constraints of project management.

Today, project management is a crucial element for business success. Every year tens of billions of dollars are lost in the United States do to IT project failures alone. The skill set of a project manager must address the critical areas of project planning, scope management, cost and schedule control, change management, risk management, and communication.  The project manager is the team’s quarterback.  He is the first person blamed for project failure and ultimately the person who delivers bad news and is responsible for recovery plans.  The single greatest job of the project manager is that of communicator. Read More→

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